No Moment Too Small

The least liveable life is the one without coherence—nothing connects, nothing means anything.

 Stories make connections.

 They allow us to see our past, our present, and our future as purposeful .
—Daniel Taylor

Creative Writing

There is no moment to small and  no moment is to Ordinary.


Experience doesn't knock at my door any less  now that I'm older or at least a bit older than I was last year. Its just that when I was a bit  younger I was more likely to open the door and let some experiences in more readily and easy.

Creative moments , creative ideas  I have found  I  start growing a bit more ambivalent about excitement or so it seems that way some days and someday it just flows and everything is just right in my life. 

Creativity is just that. I'm looking all over for  the light in places and its very elusive at times and at times it really can be overwhelming.

This is just part of the creative journey and path I have chosen for myself over the years . One way to extinguish the light is not to go after it at all. Each day I spend in some creative way looking , learning,  leaning in , practicing with love and patience , finding that stillness with my macro lens or in some creative style.

Who would have thought that I would fall in love with still life styling the way I have. It occurred to me over the winter I wasn't out with my camera freezing my hands , brushing off snow, keeping my hands warm, my camera safe from the cold or freezing my toes any longer. There was a time I did and froze my everything . Not this year . Perhaps I will again !

I was inside warm by a fire , creating , reading , writing, looking , learning..

I'm a passion bearer I think with enough experience to know it comes and it goes just like the seasons and to some it just comes easy . I need to work at it.  As I write this snow is falling again just for today,  giving me sometime to make space here on my new blog.

Its spring with all the new and beautiful  energies all around me.The days are getting longer with light everyplace as well its time for clearing out some of the old and creating some of the new , in my home and in my photography.   Our birds are back , geese are flying over the prairies each day, small buds on the trees,  pussy willows are plentiful, almost a time of gathering the little bits of magic I find inside and out.

E. Gilbert writes….

The hunt to uncover those jewels — that's creative living. ... It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting .


 Welcome dear Spring. I have waited for you.



Thank you for stopping or passing by. I'm grateful for the footprints you leave.


Blue Hydanges

It would be wonderful if petals on this pink hydrangea laid like this all the time.

Pink Hydrangea