Find Time

Find Time..everyday to bring good living into your life

Find Time…everyday to invite laughter and sunshine into your life

Find Time.. everyday to laugh and smile as much as you can

Find Time ..everyday to find that Joy.

Find Time…  everyday to write in your journal even if its just a few words

Find Time … everyday to create.. no matter what light you have .

Find Time .. everyday to share a story with someone who cares or loves you deeply

Find Time… everyday if your not happy to go look for it and find your happy

Find Time .. everyday to delight in your life , relish it nourish it with your whole heart and watch it grow.

Find Time… everyday to connect to your soul deeply and cultivate a place it can grow .

Find Time … everyday to sow seeds of growth and plant them deep.. If some die reseed !

Find Time .. everyday to seek new magical moments.


Find the time each day to do what your heart and soul yearns for… .be filled with compassion

and if I can find all these things I will be well on my way . I have done it before so writing this comes right from deep inside my heart.

Writing about finding all these , being  well on my way , finding and keeping close to me all of these things.. I'm moving ,packing up my 80 year old farm home to move to a new home. We are third generation in this home.  I adore it , its home with so many family memories. 

I took the time to dream about this, and have had many pinch me moments , my blessings are multiplying . However overwhelmed I get still  I need to stay grounded in each day , each moment in Grace. Grace for the Journey.

I belong to an amazing community of creatives on Instagram.   I will be posting there from time to time .

Come on over and join the fun. @lredwillow

This will be my last blog until I have moved and settled into my new surroundings a few miles away.

 Thank you all for stopping here and bringing so much joy to my life.

Until Then… Until Later…

Lisa xo