Taking Time to Gather

Taking Time to Gather

Our weather has been amazingly nice so when asked in this addition of Be Still to take some time and just go out into nature ..gather , be still …

I did just that. . took time, soaked it all in as Autumn is a blessing to me with so many colors and fragrances in the Air.

Gather up what I could find and I found so much  and could have kept on going and going. Perfect for me.

I have never done this kind of photography before in this way ..

Props.. a very  old piece of barn wood I saved from a building being torn down.. my deck. a few things I had gathered and placed on that old barn wood.

The cup is new. I had to show it off. I have a collection going of all mismatched cup. This one from Anthropologie and it was hard to choose just two when I was in last.

I used KK moodswing  preset.

Be Still and my treasures

Thank you all for stopping and your lovely comments.. they all mean so much to me.